hmm So you reckon Mr Acosta should have been in charge of the...

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    hmm So you reckon Mr Acosta should have been in charge of the movement of the microphone around the floor of the White House? You reckon the President should just stand quietly letting the rabble control the media scum? Really?????

    Who had the moral authority here? Who needed to enable staff a safe work environment? Was this not all going on in the White House and the media were the guests there?

    Oh, yeh.

    Once again, you don't discuss the issue with statements such as "fingerpointing was far closer to psychotic than making some comments on what is a solid track record by the man" indicating your obsession with hatred for the President. What has that got to do with anything? The media is there at the President's invitation. The President pointed his finger, but Mr Acosta clung to a microphone belonging to the White House when he was expressly told to put the microphone down. What part of that is too difficult for you to understand? This thread is like a bunch of school kids arguing in the playground. Sheeesh.

    Fail in debating skills. All you can find left to criticise Trump for is that he indicated with his finger the offending journalist. Is that the best you've got???????????????? Evidently. lol lol lol lol
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