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president biya off to china

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    The Head of State Paul Biya has granted audience to the Chinese Ambassador to Cameroon, Xue Jinwe.

    During the 45 minutes audience President Paul Biya and the Chinese Diplomat reviewed 40 years of friendly and bilateral cooperation ties between the two countries.

    At the end of the audience, the Chinese ambassador revealed that President Paul Biya has been invited to pay an official visit to China by Chinese President, Hu JINTAO.

    He opined that the trip will be an important occasion to boost relations between the two countries which have the same development objectives.

    He also hailed the common view which Cameroon and China share on most international issues, saying that the visit will give occasion to harmonise once more the views of the leaders of the two countries.

    It is worth noting that In the past two years, several Chinese personalities have visited Cameroon to intensify the cooperation ties between China and Cameroon.
    The President of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Jia Qinlin visited Cameroon on the 24th March 2010. Eight cooperation agreements were signed during the visit.
    Army General Jia Xiaoning, Assistant Director of Foreign Affairs at the Chinese Ministry of Defence also headed a very important delegation to Cameroon on 16th December 2010 to pursue closer military ties between the two countries.

    The audience is part of celebrations of 40 years of bilateral relations established between Cameroon and China way back in 1971.

    Pamela Bidjocka, Editor
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