presenting... the anti-semite laureate,

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    Jul. 8, 2003
    Presenting... The Anti-Semite Laureate,
    By Jack Engelhard

    In the spirit of Amiri Baraka, each American state ought to have at least one poet who can speak for its Jew haters

    Frankly, I did not know we had our own poet laureate. I thought it was a national thing. But jeepers creepers (see, I can rhyme, too) we've got one right here in New Jersey, and Amiri Baraka is his name.

    This "poet," who used to be named Leroi Jones until he became a Muslim, has written something that has caused quite a stir.

    Here... why not let him tell it, since he's a poet and I'm not: "Who told 4,000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers /To stay home that day /Why did Sharon stay away?"

    I know you're hungering for more. Be patient.

    Further on somewhere, Poet Laureate Baraka also makes the same accusation against President Bush and other Americans, namely that many Jews and Christians knew about the Islamic catastrophe beforehand.

    One thing's for sure - and I wish I could say this in rhyme - Amiri Baraka stayed away. He's here, isn't he? Maybe he's the one, the only one, who knew it was coming.

    But that's neither here nor there. (Is that free verse that I just did?) The point is that Amiri Baraka speaks for New Jersey. I do not know what constituency he represents, but he is our poet.

    This is official.

    My dictionary defines "poet laureate" as follows: "A poet acclaimed as the most excellent or most representative of a locality or group." So there it is, Amiri Baraka is ours to have and to hold till death us do part. (Say, I'm getting to be a regular Robert Browning, though to be exact, Amiri Baraka gets to keep his title for two years, not till death us do part, but the poetry in that is irresistible. Also, to be factual, he's been asked to step down. No way, Jos .)

    Alas (a very poetic word), he has been called anti-New Jersey, anti-American, and anti-Semitic.

    Question: Do all states have a poet laureate? Or is it only New Jersey? Someone please look that up. Anyway, let's assume the answer is yes. In that case, why not have an Official Anti-Semite representing each state? Maybe even a National Anti-Semite as well.

    WEALLKNOW what's going on. The president of Harvard, Lawrence Summers, noted the alarming trend of anti-Semitism sweeping the country, especially in the corridors of academia.

    Surely, then, each state must have at least one poet who can speak for all his, or her, fellow anti-Semites, and the same goes for a national anti-Semite.

    I can name a few who'd be right for the national job, but I don't need the aggravation. But you're free to make your own list.

    Why should only we be so lucky? I mean those of us in New Jersey.

    There'd be no problem gathering candidates - what with so many universities across the nation embracing Palestinian terrorism, and so many professors, and poets, demanding a boycott of Israel.

    No, this is simple. Qualified anti-Semites exist everywhere from campus to campus. All they'd need to do is rhyme like Amiri Baraka.

    HERE'S MORE from his poem: "Who put the Jews in the ovens and helped them do it /Who said America First and ok'd the yellow stars?"

    I know what you're thinking: Who needs Shakespeare, right?

    Now, I'm no expert at this, but I gather that a Poet Laureate's job is to write poetry for special events, like the inauguration of a ship, or a shopping mall.

    What would our Anti-Semite Laureate do? He'd fashion poetry suitable for riots, like the one that happened in Canada when Palestinian thugs wouldn't allow Bibi Netanyahu to speak at a university.

    Okay, that's Canada, but the same happens here every day. Terrorists, and those who love them, now generally have the American Campus all to themselves.

    Students and professors at Berkeley, Tufts, Cornell, Princeton, the University of Texas, the University of Michigan, Harvard and 50 other universities are on a rampage, calling for their administrators to boycott companies that trade with Israel.

    Jewish students are being harassed and attacked from coast to coast.

    THE1960s (up to a point) were all about peace. Amiri Baraka comes from that era, that generation of Peter, Paul and Mary, and Bob Dylan and the rest of them that vowed to change the world into a place of justice and tolerance. Baraka drank from the milk of the '60s.

    We all know what happens to milk when it stays out too long.

    Do we need this? Do we need an official anti-Semite to represent each state - and the nation? Of course.

    Because... to get back to the dictionary's definition of a poet laureate, here's the benefit, nay, the need for an Anti-Semite Laureate, with one minor word-change: "An anti-Semite acclaimed as the most excellent or most representative of a locality or group."

    Poetry used to be about love. Now... how many words rhyme with "hate"?

    The writer is author of the international bestseller Indecent Proposal, and is completing his latest novel, The Uriah Deadline, a fictional thriller involving Mideast news manipulation.
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