presbyterians sell israel

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    The Presbyterian Church has condemned what it describes as Israel's oppressive security measures in Palestinian towns and villages, which the church partially blames for stunting progress on a potential peace agreement.

    Finally, Presbyterian officials have harshly criticised Israel's construction of a security barrier which they say would illegally annex land that should be part of a future Palestinian state.

    So, in July the Presbyterian Church's General Assembly decided to take action, voting 431 to 62 to initiate selective divestment in certain corporations that do business in Israel.

    Research started

    The church has nearly $8 billion invested in companies currently operating in Israel.

    Although one official said any actual divestiture of stock would take more than a year to complete, the church has already begun researching which companies may be engaged in business activities deemed harmful to the Palestinian people and the peace process.

    "The goal is to persuade these companies to change their actual corporate behaviour," Jerry Van Marter, the coordinator for the Presbyterian Church (USA) news service, said.

    The divestment plan has drawn heavy criticism from several Jewish organisations, who called the proposal "one-sided and counterproductive".

    Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, said the resolution put forward by the Presbyterian General Assembly ignored the problem of armed Palestinian organisations when condemning Israeli security measures.

    "Their plan is blind to the other side of the argument and is essentially silent on the issue of terrorism," Yoffie said.

    (where would the jews be without terrorism??)
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