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    The three P's and are there more P's to come. Very interesting developments continue to unfold for those old enough and wise enough to follow this stable. It would seem that the wiley Frost has his tickets booked for the US and the UK for a couple of weeks. Hmm. Would this have anything to do with the third last paragraph in Prima's Monday's ASX announcement. Quote " We expect our development will entail a joint venture with a US and/or European partner which will facilitate international development and commercialisation."
    Also Premier Bionics lists on the 29th. raising $3million - but its market cap appears to be 4. Not a bad premium.

    We now have the 3 P's Prana, Prima, Premier. We also have the elusive Mr Frost apparently spending the odd day or two in WA. Could there be just a chance that this has something to do with the old YAM scratching around the goldfields of WA now gold is up.

    And when we look at all these developments let us not forget SLT which is slowly starting to firm up and the 0.5c options now selling between 4 & 5c. I feel sure an announcement must be imminent before the end of the financial year. Oh and by the way a little checking will confirm that Monash University owns 30% of Premier Bionics. Stay tuned for further developments.

    Cheers Mistybay
    PS The harder I work the luckier I get.
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