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Prefilled Syringe Market

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    Prefilled Syringe

    Design is completed and prototyping underway on a Medigard prefilled syringe.

    Prefilled syringes are a modern way to produce and administer some drugs. The advantages include convenience and ease of handling as well as greater safety and a reduction of drug overfill.

    The existing prefilled syringe market in the US is worth around USD$200 million. The world market is estimated at USD$400 million.

    The US market is expected to grow at a rate of 20 percent annually.

    Prefilled syringes represent one of the fastest-growing segments among the injectable drug delivery devices market. It is mainly due to the various advantages associated with the use of prefilled syringes, such as ease of administration, reduced risk of cross contamination, less overfill, and ease of handling.
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