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Predictions for Tuesday

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    The previous thread is a pain to read, lets move on to what is likely to happen tomorrow when the Institutional Offer results are announced.
    3 things are likely to happen:
    1. I. O under-subscribed
    2. I.O successful.
    3 I.O Over-subscribed.

    If situation 1 occurs, this will tank on Tuesday. It means the Institutions don't believe its a good deal. Therefore PI's wont buy into it either.
    If Situation 2, DNA will gain some traction and trade 50s to 60s. PI's who believe, will buy to take advantage of the entitlement, some wont.
    If Situation 3 then everybody will be buying in to take advantage of the Entitlement offer on Tuesday, and this will rocket.

    I think we will get situation 3, based on my interpretation of the casino deal. It seems a good move by DNA with great figures, and explains why they have been quiet for so long. When trading was suspended I thought something bad was going on, as it turns out Im very confident now.
    But, Im no expert in buying a casino, so I cant be sure how the institutions will take it.
    Anyone else want to pick holes in my reasoning, feel free, Im always open to learning.
    Dusty G
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