pre-conditions for funding?

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    Senator says no to Windsor invite
    Monday, 29 November 2004

    Mr Windsor last night accused the Government of forcing him out of next Saturday's official party for the opening of an aged care home in Bundarra.

    Mr Windsor was due to speak at the opening of the Grace Munro centre but received a letter last Friday from Uralla Shire Council general manager Robert Fulcher telling him he could not take part.

    "Dear Tony, the Commonwealth Government has advised that its representative (Senator Macdonald) at the official opening of the Grace Munro centre does not wish for you to be part of the official party or the official speeches," the letter, read in part to Parliament, said.
    "The mayor ... has asked me to tell you that he regrets to advise you that council will need to comply with the Government's wishes."

    Last week, after the AFP said no charges would be laid, Senator Macdonald said Mr Windsor's electorate could suffer as doors would be shut to their elected MP.
    The Senate is considering an inquiry into whether the Government was putting conditions on federal funding.
    Mr Windsor said a broad investigation was needed.
    "I would ask the Parliament to not be afraid of inquiring into this issue. There are much broader ramifications than the issues I raised last week," Mr Windsor said.
    "The issue of truth was raised last week and the truth hasn't yet been told.

    "I would have thought that one of the major jobs of this Parliament, and particularly the Senate, is to spend the time to ascertain the truth and allow the witnesses to those conversations and others who have been privy to various funding arrangements and preconditions across Australia the opportunity to put their cases and to be cross-examined and torn apart, if that's what's required."
    The Federal Opposition is calling for a Senate inquiry into how funding is awarded for major regional projects, after Mr Windsor said that "political pre-conditions" had been placed on many proposed developments.
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