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    Good morning professor,

    I am sitting here on Sunday morning trying to amuse myself by calculating the number of PJs that SXP may potentially be able to extract from their leases. But alas my calculator is too skinny. The LCD needs to be about a foot wider. Below is a table extracted from info sent to me from your good self. I was wondering if you had any idea, in broad terms, what is usually the most profitable of cbm, coal or oil ?? what sort of profit margins could a company expect to make on a PJ of oil, coal or CBM ?? I know that is a loaded question as the answer would depend on many things. But I am just trying to work out a ball park value for this potential monster.

    1) 1PJ = 1.1bill ft3 of gas (as in say coal bed methane)
    2) 1PJ = 169,825 barrels of oil equivalent (boe)
    3) 1PJ = 22,926 tons of oil equivalent (toe)
    4) 1PJ = 34,218 tons of coal equivalent (tce)
    5) 1PJ = 31,107 m3 of coal (ie 1 hectare x 3.11m seam)
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