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    Too many times I see that new investors think their investment is safe because of some misguided assumption that the ASX must go into some heavy investigations as to who they allow onto the exchange.. Sure there are some hoops and high bars to jump over but any scam operation can get through these hurdles.

    These guys behind these companies are just after money and lots of it, for over 20 years I have seen scam after scam, the ASX does nothing ASIC does nothing as these guys know how to go close to the wire and never cross it. Words in announcements like "maybe, possibly, expected, future goals, aimed for, we expect, and a host of others are the get out of jail free card.

    Tech companies are the worst as they know they can scam 99% of potential investors who do not have the understanding in the relevant field.

    Just remember,,,,

    Directors do not personally give a rats about you, just as you do not care about the guy in the next street.

    The guys behind ASX listings want money.. its a fact, why is it they cannot get private funding? Most professional funds would see through the BS and tell them to get lost.

    Then there are really good companies with real good business, but the directors still do not give a toss about you, just remember its about them... It is very easy to follow like a Sheep and get fleeced. In the tech boom and crash these website were known in brokers circles as where the Sheep go to get Fleeced. Where there is big money to be made it will always have a degree of corruption.. Just be careful out there. Be your own man and not a Sheep.
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