'powerball'- gyroscope device

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    I have a wrist tendon injury which affects both my golf and tennis, so, I bought a 'Powerball' from Ebay a month ago, as the ad' stated it aided in the recovery of wrist and elbow injuries. This is a remarkable device, it is the size of a tennis ball and has a rotor inside which requires both coordination and strength to control. I have been to 4 different physio's and a clinical massage therapist to fix my wrist, although very good, they were nothing compared to the benefit of this 'Powerball'. The benefit each individual gets will vary but if you have any injury to either wrist or elbow, consider getting one of these things. I have no financial interest in the product, and never give testimonials but this thing deserves to get in the hands of those who may need it- by the way you can use it while your on the computer.
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