powell is not an anti-semite

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    Powell is Not an Anti-Semite
    Ya'akov-Perez Golbert
    09 June 2003

    Colin Powell is not an anti-Semite. He has never spoken harshly about the Jews. He has had many positive relationships with Jews. He even speaks Yiddish, which not many Jews do........( I personally believe he only knows a smattering of Jewish words here and there......Snooker) He is not viewed as an anti-Semite, not by the Jews and not by others. One can be certain that he doesn´t see himself as an anti-Semite.

    And yet, here is Colin Powell, purveying one of the most pernicious of anti-Semitic motifs, indignantly insisting that the State of Israel adopt and stick to the "Groveling Kike" motif.

    Sounds harsh?

    Powell blurted out the US view of the true basis of US-Israel relations and the “Road Map” as early as August 2, 2001, with his denunciation of Israel’s targeting of Hamas terrorist commanders. Powell explained that for Israel to inflict casualties on the Palestinians makes America’s relations with the Arab countries more difficult. In effect, he is saying, “Hey, guys! Don´t fight back! You´re embarrassing us in front of the Arabs.”

    The Road Map is just the institutionalization of that relationship. Israel is obligated to redeem America’s relations with Israel’s enemies, after the US-led invasion of Iraq, even to the extent of taking casualties without fighting back, allowing the establishment of a terrorist state in its heartland, financing it and giving blessing to CIA training and arming of its "security" infrastructure.

    It is not acceptable for Jews to fight back. We are now obliged by the Road Map to run to a powerful non-Jewish protector to defend us. To ensure that our protector will, in fact, protect us in the hour of need, we have to constantly suck up to our protector and make sure that we are so useful and so valuable to him that he will reckon it in his interest to do so.

    What if our enemies are more useful and more valuable to our protectors than we? What if President Bush has finally grasped the fact that the Jews don’t have any oil and the Arabs do?

    And that, contrary to what the whole world believes, the Arabs also have a lot more money.

    Nor is that all. In the memorable words of Billy Carter, “There´s a lot more Arabs than there is Jews.”

    And that will be true within the US, as well, just as it is true today in countries of Western Europe. What if Bush, our protector, has grasped all that? Well, then we Jews are supposed to wring our hands and cry “Oy veh!” and die, of course.

    But on no account are we to fight back.

    That is anathema to Moslems. In Islamic law, it is forbidden for a Jew (or a Christian, by the way) to strike a Moslem for any reason whatsoever.

    The Christians might as well have such a law, because it is similarly utterly repugnant and unacceptable to the Christian world for Jews to inflict casualties on non-Jews in order to defend themselves.

    So, when rioters attacked Israeli military positions with stones and fire bombs, and with gunmen among the rioters with AK-47 assault rifles, the world was outraged when Israel fired on them.

    That’s “excessive force”.

    But United Nations “peacekeepers” in Sierra Leone fired on rioters throwing stones, absent the gunmen with sub-machine guns. So did police in Goteborg, Genoa and Cincinnati, likewise in the absence of gunmen. No one condemned them for “excessive force”, because they have the right of self-defense. They aren’t Jews.

    Once again, Sharon eased the closure on the PLO-controlled territories in order to prove Israel’s peaceful intentions and, once again, it took only hours for the Arabs to use their new-found freedom to murder Jews. Once again, we are told that the “militants” who perpetrated the murders are “killing peace” and the “hopes of the Palestinians” and the “future of the peoples of the region”. They are killing everything, except Jews.

    When Israel reimposes the closure, after the requisite sacrifice of Jewish blood, the world will deplore the closure for causing hardship to Palestinian civilians.

    Jews are not permitted even to inconvenience non-Jews in self-defense.

    Ariel Sharon, the Warrior, and his government, have fully accepted that. The Road Map obliges Israel to refrain from targeting the terrorists who plan and execute the murder of Jews, to refrain from re-entering “Palestinian” cities, no matter what.

    The Road Map permits the CIA to unify, train and equip “Palestinian” security, in order to enable it to crack down on terrorist groups and unauthorized weapons, which the new, “moderate” prime minister, in Arabic broadcasts, affirms he will not do.

    No one seems to have picked up on it. Not even the Jewish papers or the Israeli media. Did no one notice? Or would it just not be smart to say such a thing where your protector can hear?

    “Shah! Shtill! [Shh! Be quiet!] You’ll get us in trouble.”
    Ya´akov-Perez Golbert is a practicing lawyer in Jerusalem. He was a full professor of law in Los Angeles until his aliyah in 1984. He represents several non-governmental organizations and is a founder of Netzah Yisrael Lo Yishaqer.
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