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    Yep, Uni is trying to snare a few of the uneducated in graphite with his cross promotion in my opinion, WKT have just had a good run and he is trying to indicate its KNL's turn next, the trouble is KNL's management bill is insane and they struggled through the last embarrassing low raise of only a few mil which will pay the directors bill for another quarter and keep the lights on. Next news for KNL is another CR, if you want to "buy the lows" just wait a bit longer(or another 4 years) for KNL management to achieve nothing and drain the investor while being paid collectively over $2.9 million pa....and don't don't forget the staggering almost 2 million KNL have been ordered to pay back from the ATO...

    I hope you get your exit uni, but less than 7,000 shares traded today for a value of $900, it might take you a while, good luck!
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