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    As global temperatures rise and we see more catastrophic environmental damage, whether through unnatural bushfires across the Australian continent (as well as other continents, as we’ve seen with the ongoing California bushfires), I believe Pointerra will serve an integral role in facilitating regeneration efforts conducted by Environmental/Ecological Conversation Government Agencies, Private Companies and many other groups. Conservation departments already draw heavily on 2D mapping software to help map, isolate and track natural environments. Pests are destructive and undermining biological diversity and the long-term sustainability of environments. Introduced pests, whether plants or animals, are undermining the longevity and life of our natural environments. Park rangers and contractors use digital mapping, drones, and some 3D photogrammetry techniques already to track these impacts.

    The ability to visualise the impacts that these invasive, alien species have on natural environments is important not only to the groups running these, but also the wider public. If the wider public is able to easily access 3D mapped terrain through Pointerra’s website it may help facilitate and foster greater awareness of the degradation of environments. Though I reckon it will also help to see the positive potential of environmental conservation.

    Not too ago I came across a webpage on Parks Victoria’s website that discusses how “New 3D vision technique to revolutionise conservation efforts”. This article is from 2017 and discusses how:

    • “A Parks Victoria science team is successfully using this technology for the first time to “fight the enemy” and identify a highly invasive weed, Sallow Wattle in the Grampians National Park.The breakthrough technique has the potential to revolutionise the way weeds are identified and managed across Victoria, including areas previously difficult to access with mountainous terrain.”
    • This will be done through: “Mapping the extent and density of Sallow Wattle in the northern Grampians region using gaming technology (3D stereoscopic imagery)”
    • and they will “Uses an ArcGIS plug-in called PurVIEW that utilizes gaming technology (Nvidia 3D Vision glasses and infrared emitter) to present our park landscape in 3D from overlaying aerial photographs. Viewing in 3D helps to discriminate flora species by their height as well as their shape, texture and colour.”

    I got in contact with the author of the article to see whether they had heard about Pointerra and I was told that “As for Pointerra, my colleagues and I are aware and keeping a close eye on it, looks very interesting. To include so much in a free public resource is admirable.” Unfortunately I am not allowed to say anymore due to government confidentiality of the email. Feel free to get in contact with the author of the webpage and I'm sure theyll respond quickly.

    Another organisation that uses 3D mapping in their approach to environmental conservation is the Major Projects Foundation. A lot of their work seems to be around shipwrecks and oil spills that are contaminating the oceans. “The process is called 3D photogrammetry and Major Projects Foundation will use it to find oil tanks and collect baseline data on how wrecks change over time.” (Taken from their Facebook page)

    I am happy to elaborate on any parts of this post. A lot of this information comes from my Dad who holds a top position in State Parks and Conservation as a Biosecurity Officer. He uses 2D mapping extensively and he is looking at this software for managing invasive species where he lives.

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