posts last night -latest positive avl info.

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    I must admit I have never heard the phrase 'With your ears back' , but here are 2 posts from yesterday with that phrase in them; and both from different forums.

    Subject re: more bad news for african investors-looking sc
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    Honestly,what would you expect a Mugabe stooge to say.He'd get killed by his boss if he said anything else.
    That's not going to have any effect on what Zambia or DRC do.
    You can buy AVL with your ears back.

    Posted by: NT May 26 2003 10:04:46:263PM
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    AVL update!!!
    Anvil is - as always - working at achieving best practices.

    The "unrest" is confined to a small area well away from AVL's mine and areas of interest.
    World wide press and interest in the serious problems virtually ensure action will be taken to control and end the tribal conflict.
    The UN is moving towards a solution - albeit belatedly.

    The political improvement and proper government is transforming the Congo but gets no - or minimal - press.

    To reduce production costs AVL is/has ---

    1. Reduced refining costs by 4% to 15% (depending on refinery)

    2. Reduced transport costs. (15% reduction in delivery costs to one specific refinery)

    3. Improving efficiency by the insallation of spiral plant to result in savings of US$100k per month. (US dollars!)
    Should be a going concern now or within days.

    4. Grades improve with depth so greater efficiency is to be achieved as mining progresses.

    5. Stage 2 to cost US$4.5 to $5 MD will reduce transport costs and refining costs by 33%.

    Proposed to be debt funded and in place first quarter 2004.

    Just to emphasise the point -

    Management is confident that forecast cash operating costs will be US$36 to 38 (after silver credits) over 5 years.

    Naturally one would not - and should not - expect such outstanding efficiencies at the present early stages.

    The bottom line is that AVL is strong and getting stronger.

    AVL is developing into an outstanding, profitable, well managed company with even greater potential.

    A day will come when the performance of AVL will just have to force share price up.

    AVL will "sell" itself as another success story.

    The amazing thing is the present very undervalued share price - and most likely the last few weeks before price firms to well over 15 cents with greater moves ahead.
    Buyers can wade in with there ears back.



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