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    Location - various
    Salary - negotiable

    Our Clients are high profile Publicly Listed Companies in a variety of sectors including Finance, Financial Services, Gambling, Sports Clothing and the Wine Industry. The companies provide their clients with a range of quality products and services which - for a variety of reasons - the clients don't appear to want anymore.

    As CEO your role will be extricate - in exceedingly difficult circumstances and in a climate of complete distrust by almost all stakeholders often including the Board - your particular organisation from the shambles your predecessor has left behind. In order to even get back to square one you will need to exhibit proactive leadership to develop and manage your already significantly challenged team and substantially written down resources.

    In spearheading the focus and direction of the business, you will be actively involved in all aspects of operations, largely as a result of the substantial downsizing which has occurred in each organisation over the very recent past.

    You will have a proven track record of miracle working and media flair - replication of 'the loaves and the fishes' and / or recent experience as press officer for any 'Coalition of the Willing' Head of State will be highly regarded.

    Whilst advanced qualifications in Finance, Business or Management would be useful, the respective boards do not regard these as particularly important because , well, quite frankly, its made bugger all difference in the last two appointments in each case.

    Significant high profile career development potential is offered in each of these challenging enviroments.

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