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    'Rampant Rabbit' Sex Toys Recalled in Safety Scare
    Thu Sep 26,11:25 AM ET

    LONDON (Reuters) - A rabbit-eared sex toy was recalled on Thursday by British retailer Ann Summers out of concern it could cause injury to an unsuspecting user.

    The lingerie and sex toy chain said a batch of about 150,000 of the top-selling "Rampant Rabbit" vibrators were found to have defective seals that might allow the spillage of tiny beads contained in the shaft.

    The firm warned in newspaper advertisements and on its Web Site it was recalling those vibrators sold between May and September 2002 "in the interest of public safety."

    "It is a precaution -- the chances of anything going wrong with it are actually minuscule," Ann Summers spokeswoman Rebecca Franklin told Reuters.

    She said the company checked its stocks after a customer wrote to say she was unhappy with the quality of the seven-inch device, which contains pearly colored beads and is topped with two attachments resembling rabbit ears.

    The Rampant Rabbit has been flying off store shelves since a character praised it in the hit U.S. television series "Sex and City."

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