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poster slams ozestock rampers

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    Posted by: phydeaux Oct 30 2002 11:22:16:653AM
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    Jollyroger, Bushrat et al, we were right after all. Can Henry come back now Stolwyk? You threatend then banned him AND HE WAS RIGHT.

    The so called doomsayers should come in and take over this board and ban all you ramping lot. That's about the only takeover happening here.... lol

    All I can say is SHAME SHAME SHAME you rampers. Alot of people will we hurting now and it is all because of YOU.

    $5.25 down to 99c. That is right, take a good look at yourself. Ride my coat-tails... $8 by XMAS!!!! My arse.

    Any more good tips guys? I'd be getting out of town if i were you, you've lost a lot of good people a lot of money, again. ASIC should investigate.

    Good lucko and don't forget.. GOOOOO PTD!!!!


    (it goes without saying but commiserations to all those hurting now)

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