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postcard in the mail

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    How lovely.

    so what fdoes it say

    heading is "VOTE YES" lol

    We think there are a number of good reasons why our offer of shares for your project interest is in your best interests.

    And plenty of other people agree. Independent reasearchers Austock Securities have released a report which includes a target share price of 73c for Great Southern Limited after the vote.

    Its anothr reason why you should vote YES when u recieve your voting pack.

    Blah Blah blah.

    And on the front......5 reasons to vote YES.

    1. Austock Securities research report

    2. The GSMAL independent directors unamimious recommendation.

    3. Independent experts (KPMG) support.

    4. Australian Agribusinesss Group research report.

    5. Liquidity, diversification and tax effecieny.

    Seriously...... are these guys the full quid?

    So the SP will double with the issue of millions of new shares?

    happy to vote (yes) so long as they can guarantee the 73c price

    What clowns.

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