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    What the hell IS going on. I had a number of very helpful responses and an interesting exchange going on between myself and Red Fox and smuggler over on the BQT thread. All legitimate stuff under the heading "oz help for uk dumbo" - me being the dumbo in question. Yesterday I had taken time and trouble to respond to an enquiry by smuggler as to how I had become involved with BQT from the UK, and I was looking forward to getting responses today.

    What do I find? Everything from 05/11/04 under my heading has been lifted.

    Wake up Australia! Big Brother is alive and well. Its seems he just emigrated and Orwell got the date wrong.

    Hotcopper mamagement TAKE NOTICE:
    Explain your actions - or the cause of the removal if it be accidental - or loose the patronage and, more important, the respect of a lot of reasonable people.

    And as for contributions... By PayPal :) (lol) right now you're no pals of mine.

    Friendly advice: We all make mistakes - the person who says he/she has never made one is either a liar or has never done anything in their life at all - what sorts out the good from the bad (and the plain ugly) is how we DEAL with our mistakes. Over to you Hotcopper.
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