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"I'm not VMK managed to get another lot at 36.5Quite happy with...

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    "I'm not VMK managed to get another lot at 36.5

    Quite happy with that, even though a high risk stock, I’ve got this at 6% of my total portfolio now.

    Hopefully this will will only grow to be a bigger and bigger % of my PF!"

    Well done Jay. Keep that confirm somewhere. If you are still holding the stock in a couple of years, you might want to pull it out and reminisce.
    Also Alpha 100, bought in the first day of post raise trading.

    Volume has been relatively light in post raise trading, and certainly much lighter than previous LVT raises, which confirms to us that this was by far the best quality raise (in terms of institutions) that LVT has ever done. One measures post-raise trading by looking at shares traded as a % of shares issued in the raise. You can take my word that this is exceptionally low turnover for the first two days for a small cap company trading at 8-15% premium to the cap raise.

    Kudos to Citi, Oppenheimer and Blue Ocean for a carefully orchestrated placing.... even if there were some missteps in the run into the CR.

    Some have asked questions about how a raise like this is "underwritten" or not "underwritten", how to measure where the share price should open after a cap raise , profit taking from short term institutions and possible reasons for the share price weakness over the past two months.

    I will endeavor to answer some of the technical questions...but at the same time I want to avoid telling you whether the stock is appropriate for your particular portfolio. Everyone has different risk profiles. One man's champagne may be another man's poison.

    Full disclosure, we participated in the placing. (No surprises there!) That means that we want and expect the stock to appreciate in value. So as objective investors, you want to bear that in mind...much as you take into account a bias (intended or unintended) in posts from short sellers or folks who want to buy lower.
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