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post mortem

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    well, I'm sure a lot of CQT holders were a bit disappointed by the sp reaction but thats the way it often goes in such a situation. it was widely anticipated and these aren't the kind of announcements that get the sp flying; its more often those that come out without much anticipation and surprise everyone. In other words, the more its talked about on hc, the more likely it is that you are too late for the real price rush. Anyone here been in since before 10c????
    I sold all of my CQT holdings today at a nice profit too but hope to be back in CQT at a later date, soon I hope.
    The sp may have a bit of pressure on it for a while and then should start firing again; in the meantime I think there's better value elsewhere and time to move on.
    never fall on love with a stock and know when to move on. Good luck all that are staying with CQT, at the end, the doubters were proven wrong. CQT has a monster on their hands which will be rextremely rewarding for the company in time to come.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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