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    Has HotCopper have any intention to eventually correct the ( 0 reads - 0 replies ) field so it starts working and recording details.

    Also in the past each post header had some basic details on the poster whch helped the reader form some basic impressions;
    1) The initial membership date of poster
    2) Number of posts
    3) Option of switching on/off email details

    I have included examples of the header from current/past random posts;

    Subject HDR - Seminar in WA this weekend? ( 0 reads - 0 replies )
    Posted 31/08/02 11:39
    Member NT

    Message AngloGold tipped to up the ante (read 3 times; 0 replies)
    Conference ASX
    Posted Mon 19-Nov-01 09:04
    Member cpecan1
    Email Address - With held
    Member Since 21-Nov-99
    No. Connections 1248
    No. Posts 464

    Can HC update the current position on the above issues and if there is an intention of any upgrades in the future NB: Appreciate your efforts too date!


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