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    Posted by: minutoshi Sep 10 2003 11:08:45:687PM
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    Clinical Cell Culture (CCE) makes NATIONAL NEWS as it's CellSpray products stand on the brink of a major breakthrough into the European markets. For more, check out the following news links:

    With news of just its contract manufacturing agreement with Cambrex for the manufacture of CellSpray for the European market, one can understand why the market reacted cooly to it today, greatly undervalueing its current true value. If you haven't already, check out this link for the full announcement:

    After all, all it did was just sign an agreement with Cambrex to start producing CellSpray in a different country. But the implications of this announcements are far-reaching, and you have to read it in context. Just who is Cambrex? Cambrex is a multi-national pharmaceutical company with sales of over US$500 million each year! It is currently worth US$24.15 on the NYSE.

    Joining forces with an established company like Cambrex is a coup for Clinical Cell Culture Ltd. Not only are they able to reduce the time CellSpray takes to get to the market with providing the capital and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is has already estabished and proven, but it exposes the product to a possible worldwide market, with Cambrex's presence across Europe, Asia and North America.

    This has great implication for the future of Clinical Cell Culture and it would be fantastic to see this company grow with their amazing innovation! Just to put things into context in the next few months, CellSpray expects to launch its product to hospitals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a population of approx. 100 million and thirty burns centres. Currently, CellSpray caters only to Australia, with a population of approx. 20 million. Do the maths and you just might realise that this company could quite possibly be worth 5 times its current value by next year. A very good investment if you ask me.

    These thoughts are of my own opinion through my own research done through the various links I have provided, plus the following: and Please do your own research and come to your own opinions about the impact of today's announcement.

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