AVM 0.00% $7.45 anvil mining limited

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    I havent talked to the people at tiger. I didnt have the time to ring. I did talk to someone who told me that thats the plan. He is not directly involved with tiger but he has his finger on the pulse. He told me that there are three types of mining lease in DRC. A,B and C class. Apparently no one has an A class, All of the C class lease holders are gone and that leaves the B class which involves BHP, Anvil, Tiger. dont know who else but those were mentioned. He doesnt think there is much danger to Tiger because kipoi is a joint venture with a govt company/org. for all people looking at this have a look at quarterly at developmrnt and expansion plans. They must have a lot of copper if they are planning to do what they say. Also they say in there that after they mine out the high grade section they will build a plant than can process 1MT per annum to recover approx 35000t of copper. Is that 3.5% copper. Also after that they hope to expand to 70000t per annum. There must be a fair bit there. Have a look its all in the quartely just gotta read between the lines. As for the DRC annoucement if that that doesnt go according to plan then the resource ann. will help cushion the fall. Maybe its not a bad move on the companys behalf. Any thoughts anyone or am i looking too much into it
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