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    To post charts.

    Firstly you need to produce and save your chart using your favorite charting package. I use Metastock . Preferably save the chart as a .png file or failing that a .jpg

    Now, the hardest part.
    You need to make the saved chart accessible to the rest of us on the internet.
    To do that you will need to "copy" the chart to a publicly accessible server.
    Most ISP's provide a few Megabytes for you - they will normally call it "web page space" or such.
    Check with your ISP and they will give you the details. Failing that, I am led to believe that there are other free servers available.
    To copy your chart to the server you will normally use FTP. If you are familiar with FTP then you can just do that from your MSDOS screen or load a utility such as "FTP Explorer" which makes it easy.

    Finally, insert the appropriate html code into your post to display the chart.

    For example:

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