possibly the most frightening thing i have ever re

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    That is possibly the most frightening thing I have ever read. Unfortunately it is also the first sensible thing I have read about this war. There is a strange wind out there and hot red dust has been blowing off the Mallee. According to Yogi, Mars in Capricorn on Friday is supposed to bring about fire in the earth, but the fire is not going to be in the Mallee on Friday.

    If true it means the bear has ended. Techs in particular will rocket. Suddenly all that useless military expenditure made under Reagan and useless civilian expenditure made under Y2K looks as if it will pay off in terms of unrestrained world hegemony for the US. Georgie boy is gambling with a stacked deck - he knows he will go down in history.

    The most annoying part is going to be that the US will claim it as a victory for its distasteful and immature system. When that is mostly irrelevant, it is the size of the bully that puts the weight behind the blow . All the world dancing to the tune of US neoliberalism, and wondering why only America gets richer? Will everyone cower in fear whenever the US is mentioned?

    But perhaps might will not be right this time, the world will be revolted and move away from all things American. There is always hope.
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