Possible Senate lineup.

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    I have just been checking out the votes as they stand and the allotted "Won and Likely" for the labor/green bloc is now 29. To defeat bills they will need to find another ten votes. My uneducated guess would give the greens another seat in Vic so they would then have a solid 30 votes.

    There could easily be 4 one nation, three NXT senators, a couple of lib dems and Hynch and none of those will blindly vote the labor ticket. For a change there are some genuine independents who may vote sanely. I exclude NXT, sadly, they are ideological.

    I'm starting to think the DD may have worked.

    I'm still at a loss to understand why labor allows themselves to be bullied by the greens. Until that changes they will never improve their primary vote. If that didn't get a boost this year, it never will.
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