Possible resurgence in previously squeezed industries??

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    Where are we headed?
    Fuel refineries underwritten....
    Fertiliser plant slated for closure being rethought?
    Renewables...boom or bust? High Oil and coal high prices may give a boost, but how long will those prices stay high for...and Renewables helped get us into this mess!
    Is the market going to be not as prices concious of home produced versus imports...but high inflation might make people more cost concious!

    Electric vehicles going to get a sustained boost? Onshore defence manufacturers also...OEC, EOS, XTE?

    One thing for sure...the replacement cost of some factories, some buildings are going to be high, but I am thinking big infrastructure like ports, Dalrumple Bay type facilities, even likes of modern factories like GDA , BGA, A2M et al have.

    I am hoping to get some discussion as my list at the end is just a token start.

    Another thought bubble...is the likes of DUR going to come into their own with inflation hitting building costs...or is high mining salaries, especially in West , mean Labor costs will kill them?
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