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Possible Outcomes of Appeal

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    Afternoon All,

    In case people don't know, this is the section of the Court of Appeals Act (1996) that outlines the possibilities of the upcoming Appeal.


    Powers of the Court on appeal

    Section 23. On the hearing of an appeal the Court may-
    (a) dismiss the appeal
    (b) allow the appeal and make such further or other order as the court below was authorised by law to make or as the case may require;
      (c) order a retrial of all or part of the issues in the case before the High Court;
    (d) remit the case to the High Court to hear evidence or further evidence on an issue or otherwise as the Court may specify;
    (e) adjourn the hearing either generally or to a specified date;
      (f) make such order as to costs as it sees fit

    Obviously those supporting AVQ are hoping for a clean sweep with Section 23 (a).

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