Possible cancer cure company

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    An interesting news clip below, also on Perth TV last night but ,
    Anybody being following this one have any more info please??

    Wed, Nov 13 2002 8:54 AM AEDT

    Cancer vaccine trials show early promise: company

    A publicly listed company with the commercial rights to an Australian cancer vaccine has announced that early stage human trials have shown the vaccine does trigger an immune response.

    The principal investigator Dr Robin Ward says the vaccine triggers the creation of antibodies which recognise a mutated gene known as P-53 and target cancer tumor cells for killing.

    The Australian Cancer Technologies company says it is now raising funds for large clinical trials to test the vaccine's ability to prevent the recurrence of cancer in people who have the gene.

    Dr Ward says the vaccine is only likely to be used on people who have had cancer.

    "We now want to move the vaccine into an earlier group of patients who have been successfully treated for cancer to try and see if we can stop the cancer coming back, so that's the tumor response we'll be looking for in the next group of patients," he said.
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