positives and negatives of the election

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    with the poor choice from both parties I did not really care who won the election but IMO the positives and negatives out of the elction are


    The election is over and we can get on with more important things

    Libs win may give them control of both houses which means they will get their legislation up without to many problems as a result there will be certainty as to what will be passed, if changes they make are good changes they will deserve the praise if bad there is no one else to blame.

    Was not a close result with the final result being drawn out before being known or a hung parliment

    The greens did not gain to much power, I can agree with SOME of their enviroment policies same can not be said for the rest of their policies.

    The Democrats got what they deserved as they have been in decline and of little relevance since Lees left.


    3 mores years of Howard (but 3 years of Latham would not have been any better)

    The chance that a mod of religious nutters (Family First ) May hold the balance of power.

    End of the day regardless what political party or leader is leading the country there will be pit falls and opportunites. The government can have some influence over interest rates, the value of the AUD, oil prices, share market, property prices but these things to a large extent will do what they will do regardless

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