positive geared share investing

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    Currently we have several bank stocks yielding more than 8%. It is therefore currently possible to borrow money at home loan rates and invest in bank shares, creating a positively geared investment.

    Combine this simple strategy with the bonus dividend strategy, together with covered calls, and you can EASILY make 40% p.a. with LESS risk than you take currently.

    My course on these strategies is selling out fast and I have just set up a private forum where students can discuss strategies and stocks. Here is a referral made to a property forum:

    Posted by: Fizman

    "I just wanted to "report" to Forum Members what I think of Crashy's Stockmarket Course that I purchased recently.


    I am most of the way through this course now and it is unbeleivable what investment options are available to investors. It is not an easy course especially for a sharkemarket nuffy like myself, but with this course and other reserach it is without doubt a winning combination.

    My knowledge of the sharemarket was very poor. I really only knew about the buy/sell strategy. The course teaches about many other strategies to make money REGARDLESS which way the market trends.

    The course is an excellant tool to use in conjunction with other research and material. It is not the be all end all of Sharemarket strategy, however, the online assistance that Crashy provides if you do not understand a concept is excellant. It would be the same as Steve providing one on one online support with his new book.

    Just as I have told my friends about Steves new book I am just as willing to tell all of my friends about Crashy's stockmarket course!!

    An excellant starting point for anyone wanting to learn about trading shares. Good work Crashy, well done on a fine effort."

    ps HC admin, I emailed you to enquire about advertising costs and was ignored, so I guess its free! :)

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