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Positive for ANQ perhaps

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    One would have to assume that the article in the below link is a major positive for ANQ technology.

    The question is, is ANQ monopolising on this reality in its marketing strategy, they should be pushing so hard in their business development/marketing strategy in relation to the so called negatives on incineration as a waste management alternative. Which ultimately would make selling their technology a breeze.

    However despite all the environmental objections governments are just blinded  and love going against public view, common sense and even scientific evidence. We all know that governments and their representatives at a local council level just about always make the wrong decisions despite strong public opinion and protest.

    I mean lets looks at council amalgamations, anyone with half a brain can see that this push in Perth by state government to amalgamate all the shires is an absolute logistical nightmare, they spent years and millions of tax payers dollars to get their stupid idea over the line for them to finally listen to what residents and even officials at local councils have been advising state government for years.

    Same applies to incineration, yet for whatever reason governments seem determined to keep pushing for incineration, perhaps someone on these forums with substantial knowledge in incineration can confirm the negatives of its use in comparison to ANQ technology??

    To the management team at ANQ what are you currently doing to take maximum mileage from the incineration debate in an effort to sell your technology???
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