Positive Discussion on Methods to Mitigate Franking Credit Changes - Individuals (NOT SMSF's)

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    This Thread is to discuss ways for those Individuals (not SMSF's - please start your own Thread) who will be negatively impacted by potential changes to the rebate of Franking Credits proposed by Labor if they were to win the next election (and also get cross bench support for any changes).

    It is no fait accompli that this change will come into effect, but as individual investors we should be planning for this eventuality.

    If you are IN FAVOUR of this policy and want to post about it - this is not the thread to do it - this is for those of us who will be financially disadvantaged by the policy and are looking for ways to mitigate it and to ensure that as little of the Franking Credits allocated to each of us are utilised to their maximum.

    Please outline your plans and thoughts - both simple and complicated!
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