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Positive cashflows ahead

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    As CNN has reported, it's feeding time for billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

    The Oracle of Omaha is gobbling up assets on the cheap while many in the investment world are retreating or frozen with fear like so many sheep.

    "When people are scared, he wants to be buying, and when they are greedy he will sell back to you,"
    said Andy Kilpatrick, a stockbroker in Birmingham, Ala., and author of "Of Permanent Value, the Story of Warren Buffett."

    This is exactly the reason I'm currently on the bid for more eBet shares. Shareholders who sell in fear at silly low prices generally live to regret it in the fullness of time. eBet's next quarterly report should be particularly encouraging - even more so than the last one - unambiguously reinforcing the fact that the company's cashflows are now firmly in positive territory.

    I say - now is the time to buy, not sell.

    Investor lemmings leaping off the cliff in disarray & fear
    not realising that this panic will ultimately cost them dear

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