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good info another very interesting article I just found...

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    good info

    another very interesting article I just found (apologies if posted before) from Small Caps
    which does mention Creso Pharma-CPH too
    Cannabis stocks on the ASX: The Ultimate Guide

    John Beveridge
    January 5, 2018


    It is not that long ago that the very idea of investing in cannabis would have seemed ridiculous.
    It was an illegal recreational drug so there was literally nothing to invest in other than a “stash”.
    However, the very fact that recreational cannabis use has been illegal in most Western countries since the 1930’s has meant it has been significantly under-researched by modern pharmacology, causing this flowering herb to suddenly become one of the hottest investment sectors on world markets.
    Uses of cannabis

    The reason is not too hard to find; cannabis is showing tremendous promise in treating a range of diseases and conditions ranging from appetite enhancement and anti-nausea for patients going through chemotherapy or suffering from HIV all the way through to suppressing or eliminating convulsive or muscle spasm sessions in diseases such as epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes and Parkinson’s disease.
    Cannabis also shows some promise as a treatment for insomnia, eczema, pain relief, melanoma and even for autism, although many of these claims will obviously need to be backed up with medical trials in which standardised doses of various cannabinoids are compared with current treatments to ensure they are effective.

    see the rest of article here ....

    more interest, knowledge and increasing public demand may start to sway and enlighten the Medical Industry here in Australia - the medicinal benefits they are withholding from their patients; to date allowed only for chronic conditions, but needed for everyday uses such as pain relief and relief for other medical conditions.
    Many currently prescribed "medications" are chemically manufactured products that have various side effects -there seems to be no objection giving those to us?
    (have family members that are prescribed these "for the remainder of their lives" regardless of the side effects)
    We need these natural (non conflicting) MM medications > we have lost so many people over the years consuming over prescribed "cocktails" .... and not just the famous ....
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