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    Keen to change the title of the last thread.

    Its interesting to see that the JV partner's SP have recently raised significantly.

    Just a quick look at that orange line to the right of your screen will show you that FAR has gone up 25% in the last month as well.

    Sentiment is building as we come closer to the announcement, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another 25% raise by the time the announcement comes in a month or so, bring us remarkably close to the 11 cents that the CR investors bought in at. Funny that!!

    Then when the 2 C announcement comes (hopefully) we can expect to go north from there.. I predict 15-20 cents over night at that point and then it will all be down to how well the appraisal program is publicized. Very exciting times ahead

    All just IMHO of course.

    Giddy Up FAR!!!!
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