positioning to spin off alchemia

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    I posted a few months ago on the potential merits of entering Medica Holdings. Recent articles in The Australian (Fri23Oct) and Financial Review (Sat24Oct) would indicate that one of Medica's unlisted companies Alchemia will file for an IPO in the next few months. ABN Amro and Credit Suisse have commenced pre-marketing.

    Medica Holdings and Biotech Capital will more than likely allow their shareholders to participate in the Alchemia IPO on a pro-rata basis of shareholdings. If history is anything to go by (Circadian Technologies listing AXN and OIL) Medica's tightly held stock could run quite hard in the lead up to the IPO.

    The 1,2 and 3 year Share Price chart of Medica Holdings appears to indicate a great buying opportunity between 77 and 83 cents- currently 80cents.

    Any comments or thoughts?

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