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portuguese premier welcomes angolan companies

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    Hmm, so what were the CVI team doing in Lisbon just the other day ;)

    Luanda, 02/21 – The Portuguese Foreign minister, Luis Amado, admitted Thursday in Luanda he is glad to see Angolan firms entering his country’s market.

    Speaking to the press at Luanda’s "4 de Fevereiro" international airport, and particularly speaking of the Angolan oil company, "Sonangol", Luís Amado said its entering the Portuguese market is the recognition of the current stage of development of Angola’s economy that permits its investment overseas.

    It is necessary nowadays to see to the economies with their own dynamics because, he added, there are no more national economies, there are no economies that can stand within the limited space of the border of a nation.

    Globalisation imposes its own rules, so the companies seeking affirmation on the international market have to seek for alternative markets, he also stated.

    According to Luís Amado, it is with great satisfaction that he sees the trend of investments in two directions (Europe/Africa/Europe), which also permits to predict an interactivity and an articulation between the Angolan and Portuguese firms’ strategic action that will be benecificial to both in future.

    He stated as well that there are two big markets at the moment on the Europe/Africa axis that are getting consolidated in their strategic relationship and the firms from the two markets must face.

    They are those of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) that is going though a process of interaction and the European economy of 500 million consumers with great financial potential, he added.

    Luís Amado emphasized that it is his country’s wish to privilege and strengthen this action, especially from the political point of view, adding he believes this is also the Angolan Government’s desire.

    During his stay in the country, one of the documents that will be signed between the Angolan and Portuguese authorities have to do with the mutual investment protection protocol, seen by Luís Amado as of very relevant.
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