Pope Punishes the Whistleblowers not the Criminals

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    Once again an organisation that claims to represent good[even God] protects it's self and attacks those who were trying to clean out, let's say 'the work of the Devil within'.
      Just how corrupted is the Vatican?

    The Vatican has charged five people, including two journalists and a top priest or monsignor, over the leaking and publication of secret documents.
    The documents were cited in two books, by journalists Emiliano Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi, alleging misspending and corruption at the Vatican.
    Mr Fittipaldi told local media he was "stunned" by the decision.
    "Maybe I'm naive but I believed they would investigate those I denounced for criminal activity, not the person that revealed the crimes," he said.
    "I understand they are seriously embarrassed in the Vatican over the things in my book, especially because they could not deny any of it. But I didn't expect a criminal trial."
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