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    I promised not to post till mid Feb but feel I would be remiss if I didn't get the early call in to our long suffering LTH'ers.

    It's been tempting and some have almost teased me into biting during the nothing market months of December and January, but there have been many good solid knowledgeable posters filling in with solid info to keep a sense of balance from the sometimes manic depressive comments made when we were knocking on heaven's door

    Suffice to say, the main thing to understand is all the delays will play to our favour as the NP winds it's way back up the totem pole, make no mistake…..Nickel is on everyone's lips in the equity markets that I have spoken to during the past few months.

    We have some very smart and experienced mining people posting on our thread as well as everyone's favourite's Tomboy and Freddy (the Optomystical brothers
    all contributing valid questions of the projects and the management's handling of them.

    Uncle Col is our ear to the Chairman's thoughts on all things POS while he sits patiently…sometimes mental patiently for the most hated CEO to deliver……trust me Col, he will come good for you…..hopefully you don't keel over from shock when he does

    I've already written half an essay, and I get bored with long posts………so time to shut up and buy some more POS

    Good luck to all new and old holders, especially the old crew Senator, diesel, gt40, urkss, georgielubemaster, Tomboy and any others I missed out!!

    Please DYOR

    Pop Pop….tick tock…….happier days ahead punters!!

    Ant…..back and buzzing.
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