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    Good morning,

    Whilst quietly sipping my breakfast and browsing free and wide on the net, I came upon a site dealing with PDF's.

    I've only just started to look into it, but for anyone else that might be interested, you can find:

    1. the complete list of Australian PDF's at


    2. everything you want to know about PDF's at


    Like many others here, I believe that energy (in particular natural gas) is also well worth watching/getting in early. But I also believe water is going to be really big further down the track. And so these are the areas I'll be researching in association with PDFs. If the value of the precious metals/energy/water sectors reach anywhere near 50% of what I'm expecting, the tax-free nature of PDF's is irresistable for mine.

    Hope the URL's above are of use to some.


    very happy to be a bug in a boat .... irrespective of what the amazing Kenny thinks!

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