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pongosniffavitch aka perfectstage

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    the pongo perfectstage post was moderated because it became vulgar. here is the original post that was fine. pongo why cant you answer if you were perfectstage. are you saying that you now nothing of perfectstage. you seem a very honest person so an honest reply would naturally be the be only way you would answer. i think you are perfectstage so a rebuttal from yourself to clear your name is needed. it would be appreaciated from many on HC. below is post

    to all the newbies and old timers remember this post on the 26 april 2007(#1735735)

    To the mods:

    Please cancel my account forthwith!

    I've had enough of these incredible numbnuts!

    that was perfectstage's last post and he all told us he was signing off forever.

    perfectstage loved the punt. below is one of his best posts to my mate takeoverman

    Hellooooooooo Takeover man, I never at any time suggested I was a trainer. I make money on the punt. And your posts the other day ridiculing me about using the anonymous TAB, well one David Hayes uses the TAB for that very same reason!

    I know what's going on ..... you don't~!(post #1735525)

    then on 17 september 2007 pongosniffavitch emerged out of nowhere bagging the crap out of beloved rrs. when he was accused of being perfectstage he loudly stated his innocence and he never even heard of perfectstage. pongo has on many occasions stated his love of the punt and on the 29th january 2008 posted this(post #2503970)

    If some of you guys put as much research into horse racing as you do into Range, and I'm talking the 'fanatics' here ..... (not the pros or the brokers lackeys), you'd make thousands of percents, as opposed to swimming against the tide.

    Small fry market players simply haven't got the clout (read $$$$$)

    Small fry market players NEVER knows what's going on behind the scenes.

    Small fry market players CANNOT WIN, yes they may show a profit, but they WILL NEVER do better than those who control the market.

    You can buy and hang on and hope ...... which many of you are doing.

    Compare challenging the 'experts' in an international 'fix', which is what the market is, to the discipline required to be better than impulsive gamblers, and pay no tax!

    I've been in this caper a long time, and believe me, following Range and all the elements (human and otherwise) that are controlling your vast amounts of cash ...... I know which is easier! Provided you have discipline. Are there any of you reading this who have seriously and independently made up your own minds on Range, and NOT BEEN swayed by posts here? Have you bought when YOU believed you should have, and not been influenced by others here? Have you SOLD against the overwhelming tide of opinion because you knew it was right? Do you need the 'comfort' of others to continue to hold.

    Step back and have a good look at yourself!

    I make money from the punt, all I have to do is beat the average 'Joe' ..... You have to beat the smartest of all in the toughest game of all. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes BUT THOSE WITH MONEY DO!

    Read this;

    In my game, I don't know what's going on behind the scenes either, nor does the bulk of the money!

    My point is ..... follow the market! ..... or get on the punt!

    cmon pongo tell us all you aint the stooge. I'm pretty bored and i need a good laugh. like nev said we need a couple more one liners
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