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    You all know I don't post here too often. I always read the RRS threads and proudly call myself a "Ranger" (Up Up and AWAY).

    What I don't understand is Pongo. I have communicated with him a few times on HC. He has always been very polite to me, as I have been to him. I have found when I am polite he is a complete gentleman. In fact I have even had a couple of laughs with him (why did the chicken/pongo cross the road! still laughing about that Pongo).

    Clearly Pongo believes RRS is doomed to failure... I have no problem with that... this is one of those one in a million chances.... we either get very rich or we do our dough, there isn't much inbetween 37 cents and nothing. The trick is to make RRS just a small part of your portfolio and accept the risks... not fight the risks.

    What I don't understand is that a lot of posters say that Pongo has a master.. he is being paid to down ramp...when he turns up things are good...etc...etc...

    I just don't get it guys. Are there things you all know that I don't?? Why is Pongo not just a downramper? Looking to drop the price, buy, and trade a little higher? Lot's of others do it... many for a living, if this is what he is doing then good luck to him.

    I'm just not sure about this. I happen to think the guy is well educated, well spoken, knows exactly how to upset people (hence educated in people) and is commercial astute. I have seen him totally ridicule people, and then have a menaingful converstaion with others... this guy is not stupid.

    Do you guys get what I say.... I'm just not sure about Pongo ...aka Perfectstage so I am told etc...

    Can someone (including Pongo) please enlighten this "Ranger" who does not have the history of the stock or the long term threads. I just want to know why I should ignore him as people want me too when I am not influenced by his posts and don't have my house on RRS.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards to all,
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