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    The late Menachem Begin was reputed to have described the Jewish relationship with the world as two non-Jews having a fight and in the end the Jew is punished.

    Undoubtedly the nation that suffered the greatest after Gulf War 1 was Israel. Despite being hit by thirty nine Scud missiles, Israel was prevented from responding, a request nearly tantamount to suicide in the Middle East where respect and exhibitions of might are directly proportional.

    Furthermore, the Israeli government was forced into a treaty that was a Trojan horse for Palestinian terrorism. From security and economic perspectives, Israel is worse off now than 1991.

    Within a short while, Gulf War 2.2 will be complete. Who will be the greatest losers in its aftermath?


    A ‘road map’ has been developed by

    *the cheese eating surrender monkeys in the EU,
    *the cheeseburger eating surrender monkeys in the US State Department,
    *the vodka swilling surrender monkeys in Russia and
    *the caviar eating surrender monkeys in the UN that will force Israel to slice off 25% of its 22,000 square kilometre (that’s less than 1/20th of Tasmania) as a donation to those kindly souls, the Palestinian Arabs.

    And it’s not like the Palestinians have been neutral.

    Aside from the anti-war protests that make Sydney’s recent thuggery look like a children’s garden party, Yasser Arafat has sent a battalion of suicide bombers to assist Saddam. That’s material aid which in most people’s books means that if you lose, you are punished.

    But then, the Arabs attempted to destroy Israel five times in half a century, have lost each time, and ended up winning.

    Obviously history is repeating itself again.

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