pommie "intelligence" by vice president blair

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    Blair is no better than sunnyjim - plagiarised his entire "evidence" on Iraq from web cut and pastes. Blair is the Helen Demidenko of prime ministers.

    It has been revealed a British Government dossier, said to be the latest intelligence on Iraq, was copied word-for-word from published sources.

    But the BBC reports the Prime Minister's office is standing by the dossier, and says it came from several sources.

    Downing Street last weekend presented the dossier as an up-to-date, intelligence-led assessment of Iraq's concealment and deception efforts.

    In fact entire pages were copied without acknowledgment from a PhD thesis published in an American academic journal last year.

    Another page was copied from an article in the magazine Jane's Intelligence Review. The article is six-years-old. The Government even reproduced typing and grammatical mistakes made by the PhD student, 29-year-old Ibrihim Al Marashi.

    Mr Al Marashi said he had no idea his work had been used by Downing Street and he was stunned.

    Brits unconvinced

    Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Tony Blair has admitted he still needs to do a lot of persuading to win public support for war against Iraq.

    Answering public questions on the Iraq crisis in a BBC television forum, Mr Blair acknowledged it will take a new United Nations resolution to get more people on his side.

    Audience members called him Mr Vice President, mocking his alliance with George W Bush and asked for evidence Iraq is threatening Britain.

    Mr Blair said Saddam Hussein is engaged in a systematic campaign of concealing his weapons of mass destruction.

    He said there was evidence of a poison factory in Northern Iraq that had distributed ricin and other chemicals around the world; and intelligence showed terrorist groups were trying every day to get hold of such materials.

    Mr Blair acknowledged his policy is difficult and unpopular but said he believes it is right to confront Iraq, even if a second UN resolution is blocked.

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