polsters are irrelevant.. oz/us elections

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    Just got home & turned on tele to get update on US election results

    It just goes to show what an absolute joke the polling organisations are, both here & in America.\

    In general the polling companies in Australia could not have been more wrong prior to our elections & it would seem the same thing has occured in US.

    I've been suprised at the lack of comment that has appeared in our press about their inaccuracy& by implication their uselessness.

    One wonders how they can get their commisions & keep a straight face....Maybe they should become stock brokers or management consultants.

    I expect our polsters are in similar denial to the ALP as to how they got it so wrong.
    IMO they are increasingly irelevent, & have no credibility going forward.( I'm mainly talking about the polsters here, not the ALP...... but put your own spin on it LOL ).


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