polls say kerry won the debate

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    WASHINGTON, Oct 1 AFP - US presidential Democratic challenger
    John Kerry won the first televised presidential debate against
    Republican President George W Bush late today, according to instant
    polls released after.
    A Gallup poll for CNN gave Kerry a 46 per cent to 37 per cent
    win over the president.
    It added that 46 per cent of those asked now have a better
    opinion of Kerry against 21 per cent for Bush.
    The CBS network, which asked 200 voters, said 44 per cent gave
    victory to Kerry against 26 per cent who thought the president had
    the upper hand. Thirty per cent said neither candidate won.
    An ABC poll of 531 people gave 45 per cent for Kerry, 36 per
    cent for Bush and 17 per cent for a draw.
    But the survey said Bush still had the support of 51 per cent of
    voters for the November 2 election against 47 per cent for Kerry.

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