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    A peak mental health group is calling on people to boycott a popular pizza chain during the AFL grand final because they have received complaints that their recent advertisements are insulting.

    Executive Director of SANE Australia Barbara Hocking says SANE runs a Stigmawatch program and it has received a lot of calls from people across Australia upset and offended by Domino Pizza's advertising campaign that brands their new pizza range as maniac pizzas.

    She says there are also visuals and characterisations of people on the ad acting eccentrically and this combined with the name of the pizza provides a drip down effect on the way people perceive mental illness.

    "So that's why we've then been calling upon those same people, plus many others who haven't maybe seen the ad, to boycott Dominos pizzas to send a very strong message to them that people with mental illness are absolutely fed up with having their illness and their character demeaned and trivialised in this way," she said.

    Dominos has apologised for the advertisement and says the company will be more careful in future.

    ABC Online
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